Natural Cosmetics Masterclass Looks at Future Directions

28 November 2018
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November 27th 2018

Natural Cosmetics Masterclass Looks at Future Directions

London – Ecovia Intelligence (formerly known as Organic Monitor) is hosting a new masterclass that discusses the future outlook for natural & organic personal care products。Titled ‘Future Directions’, the Natural Cosmetics Masterclass (http://www.ecoviaint.com/masterclass19) will take place in San Francisco on 15th January 2019.

Natural & organic products are now established in the personal care industry, however there are question about the future. With growing M&A and investment activity, will multinationals wield greater influence or will dark green brands continue to set the pace? What will be the role of natural & organic cosmetic standards and certification schemes? How is the palette of green raw materials evolving? What trends are likely at the retail and consumer level? Such questions will be addressed by this new masterclass.

The program comprises morning seminars, covering marketing, distribution and legal issues, and an afternoon workshop on green formulations.

Amarjit Sahota, President and Founder of Ecovia Intelligence, will present the latest market facts & figures on the global & North American market for natural and organic personal care products. Although the US has the largest market for such products, important developments are occurring in Europe and Asia. Projections will be given for future market growth.

Angela Diesch, Managing Partner of Diesch Forrest, will give an update on the regulatory regime for marketing claims and labeling. With a number of personal care brands becoming embroiled in lawsuits involving natural & organic claims, Diesch will give advice on how to reduce litigation risks. A formulator will give some insights into how to develop organic skin care products, whilst another speaker will go through the major marketing & distribution hurdles faced by green brands.

Annie Jackson, Co-Founder and COO of Credo Beauty, will cover the ‘clean beauty’ trend. Since opening its first outlet in June 2015, Credo Beauty has developed a network of stores that specialize in beauty products without contentious chemicals. Annie will share the retailer’s experience in selecting and marketing clean beauty products. Maryellen Molyneaux, Founding Partner and President of NMI, will show how consumer behavior towards natural & organic personal care products is evolving. Details will be given on buying motives, purchasing trends, as well as the marketing implications to brands.

In the second part of the masterclass, Judi Beerling of Ecovia Intelligence will conduct a workshop on ‘Developing Green Formulations’. She will give a rundown on the growing palette of green raw materials that can be used in natural and organic personal care products. An overview will be given of the leading certification schemes for such products. Practical advice will be given on how to replace contentious ingredients, such as parabens, SLS / SLES, and phthalates in personal care products.


About the Natural Cosmetics Masterclass
Organized by Ecovia Intelligence, the Natural Cosmetics Masterclass will take place at Hilton San Francisco Financial District on 15th January 2019. For 15 years, we have been hosting masterclasses and workshops at various international locations that include London, Paris, Nuremberg, Bologna, Barcelona, New York, São Paulo, Auckland, Dubai, Bangkok, Singapore, and Hong Kong. More details are on http://www.ecoviaint.com/masterclass19

About Ecovia Intelligence
Ecovia Intelligence (formerly known as Organic Monitor) is a specialist research, consulting & training company that focuses on global ethical product industries. Since 2001, we have been encouraging sustainable development via our services portfolio: market research publications, business & sustainability consulting, technical research, seminars & workshops, and sustainability summits. Visit us at www.ecoviaint.com

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