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Product Highlights

Natural treatment for clear, healthy and shiny skin.
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Bed of Nails
Essential Oil Aromatherapy Room Spray
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Silicone free treatment with fabulous benefits of natural oils.
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Retinoic acid for spots and wrinkle care.
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Rossi Uvema
100% Natural moisturising lotion for your hands and body made from the highest quality ingredients.
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Volcanic Earth
Unique Skin Healing and Anti Aging Agent
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Gold Caviar Firming Mask - Firming and Moisturising Expert - Each Gold Caviar Firming Mas
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Forest Secrets Skincare
Deep cleanse skin and pores and relax with rose
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New Products

All new innovative feather-shaped foundation infused with organic botanicals.
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German Chamomile and Rosemary leaf extracts deliver these plants' calming and restorative
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LaLInda Natural Skin Care
Cures and prevents diaper rash
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Atlantis Skincare
This Toner is ideal to refresh your skin and balance your skins pH levels after cleansing
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Alexami Cosmetics
Refine, rejuvenate and restore your skin with Alexami 3 in 1 scrub, peel and mask
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Anumi Skincare
A gentle all-in-one cleanser to clean baby’s delicate skin from head to toe.
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Volcanic Earth
Natural face care pack for dry, oily or very sensitive skin.
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Verité Spa Organics
Balancing and restoring daily moisturiser
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  • Cosmoprof North America
    28 - 30 July 209; Las Vegas, USA
  • Vietbeauty
    22 - 24 August 2019; Hochiminh City, Vietnam
  • Natural & Organic Asia
    3-5 September 2019; HKCEC, Hong Kong
  • TDC Beauty & Wellness Expo
    15-19 August 2019; HKCEC, Hong Kong
  • Natural Products Expo East
    13 - 15 September 2019, Baltimore, USA
  • Beyond Beauty ASEAN Bangkok
    21 - 23 September, 2019; Bangkok, Thailand
  • Vitafoods Asia
    25 - 26 September 2019; Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
  • Beauty Expo Malaysia
    4 - 7 October 2019; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Cosmex
    5 - 7 November 2019, Bangkok, Thailand






  • 勝肽用於護髮產品的機理解說 31 July 2018
    勝肽 (英文: Peptides) 通常用於護髮產品,旨在修復頭髮纖維的蛋白結構。一直以來,關於勝肽和毛髮蛋白之間相互作用的機制認知甚少。
  • 皮膚保濕機理 30 June 2018
    執筆時,中秋已到,先通過姊妹美容這個平台,祝各位朋友中秋節快樂。 中秋過了,就代表香港正式由暖轉寒,濕度也會由高轉低。
  • 個人護理用品 風險物質事故的反思 31 May 2018
  • 淺談化妝品中的幹細胞應用 30 April 2018
    甚麼是幹細胞? 幹細胞(stem cell)是一類具有自我複製能力(self-renewing)的多潛能細胞。在一定條件下,它可以分化成多種功能細胞。

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  • Download free copy of Natural Beauty Buyers Guide 2018
  • Download free copy of Natural Beauty Buyers Guide 2018