• Natural Beauty Buyers Guide 2018
  • Natural Beauty Buyers Guide 2018


Product Highlights

Pure Nut Macadamia Skin Care
This is a wow product … an absolute favourite!
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Verité Spa Organics
vital multivitamin and antioxidant cell regeneration day cream 50ml
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Thai herbal message oil
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Color Magic
It provides a healthy and effective hair coloring solution
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Stem Cell Toner minimizes pores, repair,regenerate and rejuvenate the skin
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3 in 1 product -replaces bar soap, baby soap & shaving soap. Soap free & pH neutral.
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Organic Goji Berry and Maqui Berry to refresh your skin
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Atlantis Skincare
Sea Buckthorn infused oil works as a strong antioxidant, protects and nourishes the skin a
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  • Renguangdo
  • House of Pure Essence
  • Aumi Skincare


New Products

Alexami Cosmetics
Alexami’s mineral liquid foundation has a very high UVA & UVB protection thanks to the natural sun-repelling qualities of high grade of Zinc Oxide
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After Straightening & Blow Drying Treatment Line
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100 % Pure natural
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A gentle and natural way to clean, moisturised and radiantly beautiful skin
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Skinfood New Zealand
Enriched with manuka honey, lime and avocado oil
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Verité Spa Organics
luxurious cleansing balm
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LaLInda Natural Skin Care
Cures and prevents diaper rash
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Forest Secrets Skincare
A powerful blend of hydrating and softening ingredients, beautiful!
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  • Exclusive interview - Mr. Luigi Bergamaschi, the second-generation leader of E’erbolario L’erbolario
    Present in 6,000 stores across 32 countries, L’Erbolario was founded in 1978 by a husband-and-wife pair of herbalists from an Italian town of Lodi, Italy.
  • The Earth-Destroying Ingredient Hiding in Your Cosmetics
    Palm oil, a common ingredient found in thousands of everyday beauty products is devastating the environment. How can we stop this?
  • Feature - Things Brand Owners and Retailers Need to Know about Using and Selling Essential Oils
    Essential oils have been on trend over the past decade, some kinds of them are claimed to be effective in various disease management practices.
  • Skin Care in Asia-Pacific: Key Trends and Opportunities
    Asia leads the global premium skin care scene, contributing over 50% of the total value sales as of 2016. Despite the cooling economy in top sales markets like Japan, China and South Korea, the region witnessed a healthy growth in skin care...
  • FREE Report - 3 Key Beauty Survey Insights
    In this free report, we explore the following trends and how they impact beauty and personal care:
    1) Premium buyers; 2) Natural beauty and personal care products; 3) Beauty routines by generations
  • Authentic sustainability the springboard for ecostore’s global expansion
    New Zealand eco products pioneer ecostore is well known for its sustainability standards and for being purpose-led. Combined with innovative business development, the company is in a rapid growth phase as it takes its brand to a growing global audience.
  • Wellness Trend
    Cleanse Your Body, Mind & Spirit
    “NEWSTART” by Hong Kong Adventist Hospital
    Forget everything you think you know about detox. This whole body-mind-spirit version offered by the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital is a relaxing, 3-day program that help...
  • Marketing Strategy
    Watons’s O2O strategy to help consumers make healthier choices
    The exponential growth of e-commerce in Asia has led a number of brick-and- mortar retailers to reevaluate their e-commerce strategy.


  • Cosmobeauty Barcelona
    20 - 22 January 2018; Barcelona, Spain
  • Cosme Tokyo
    24 - 26 January 2018; Tokyo, Japan
  • Beautyworld Japan Fukuoka
    5 - 6 February 2018; Fukuoka, Japan
  • Vivaness
    14 - 17 February 2018, Nuremberg, Germany
  • Biofach
    14 - 17 February 2018; Nuremberg, Germany
  • Beauty Asia
    26 - 28 February 2018; Singapore

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  • Download free copy of Natural Beauty Buyers Guide 2018
  • Download free copy of Natural Beauty Buyers Guide 2018